Gumb's Meatball Gland

blurb: shitty pinball game; jank but like kinda funny to somebody
crass contents: cartoon guts
release date: may 15, 2024

Gumb back better ever eats some meatballs this time, and now those meatballs are bouncin around fuckin him up, messed up

very rough pinball game, akin to pinball games on the gameboy. progress through tables gettin points and hittin stuff, arrow keys and wasd control bumpers, escape to pause, escape to pause and press r to eject to the previous table

this games pretty jank, but also kinda straightforward. i just didnt feel like sittin on it longer and its a free half joke pinball game so i probably could clean up collision physics but you shouldnt have high expectations anyways. so ya pinball around and clip into a wall maybe? have fun.

Download (v1.0)